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Back in 2015, I used to contribute for this digital magazine publication known as, Elite Daily. My experience here was astonishing and fun. At first, I really thought I couldn’t make it because, hello? It’s an international DMP based in New York City!! Who would have thought, right?

When I got a congratulatory email from the editorial team, I was like, “Noooo waaaay!!” I wasn’t that good of a writer, but dang! I got in! But seriously, it was fun writing for them, as it really helped me a lot to pursue more of this passion. I remember submitting like ten article pieces a day only to have one piece successfully published! They were really strict with the contents. You really have to know their tone and voice per vertical.

When I got used to it, I was given the opportunity to have FIVE of my articles published in the course of time. Too bad Elite Daily closed the opportunity for worldwide contributors this 2017.


Anyway, here are the five articles I contributed for Elite Daily:


5 Reasons You Should Befriend The Girl Whose Heart Your Ex Also Broke

I started asking myself what meeting my exes’ new girlfriends felt like. I’d always say mean things about them to my friends prior to knowing them. I would even stalk their Facebook accounts, just to see if they were better than I was.

But for the most part, I always tried to see if I could get a chance to meet them personally. That way, I would be able to finally get to know them and stop judging them. I mean, who am I to judge, right?


8 Signs Your Immaturity Is Stopping Your Relationship From Getting Serious

…. thinking about the lack of trust they exhibited in their relationship, I began analyzing my own past relationships. What I came to realize was my old relationships also lacked this same sense of maturity.


10 Things You Need To Know About The Girl You Call ‘The Other Woman’

Imagine a 5-year-old kid who is dying to have that oversized Barbie doll her parents can’t afford, and a minute later, she sees someone else buying it. The tendency for her is to either destroy it, steal it or just let it go.

Since some women tend to lose themselves over an irrational feeling when they’re in love, they will have the tendency of stealing it. This is due to the intensity and magnitude of their feelings.

Hey, we all become stupid when we fall in love. They’re just twice as stupid. That’s the reason they settle, despite being second-best.

*Author’s note: This piece allowed me to be part of the January 18 -24, 2016’s Elite Daily Top 10 articles and contributors! Yayy! Despite a lot of bashing comments from netizens, I still nailed it! Yay! Achievement unlocked. 😉


The Psychology Behind Why Being Unfriended Is So Insulting For Gen-Y

We use Facebook to communicate with peers we’ve known for a long time, keep in touch with relatives abroad and keep ourselves updated with social trends and news from all over the world. However, Facebook is not just used for communication. It is commonly used for entertainment and self-gratification.


4 Ways To Deal With Your Ex Still Wanting To Be Friends

Moving on is really hard, especially if you’ve invested so much of your time and effort into making things work. It’s natural to still hold on to a feeling that abruptly ended. You deny it to yourself, but you still can’t get over the fact that the relationship’s already over. You still keep the friendship because for you, it’s worth the risk of burning to have a second chance.


Here’s the entire catalog of my articles / my Elite Daily profile

Thank you, Elite Daily Editorial Team for this grandeur opportunity!


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